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VACANCY -Become a UN Paid Volunteer

UN Paid Volunteers are between 18 and 55 years old, and work with UN agencies on the front lines of political, developmental and humanitarian operations.

Who are UN Volunteers?
UN Volunteers are a separate category of UN Volunteers recently created in response to the United Nations Secretary-General’s call for greater engagement in volunteerism of history’s largest generation of people. UN Volunteers help the United Nations – one of the world’s most important intergovernmental organizations – to fulfill its mission. These volunteers are assigned to host United Nations agencies to work on the frontlines of political, developmental and humanitarian field operations. UN Volunteers are people aged 18 to 55 years who want to engage in development and peace initiatives worldwide.

What do UN Volunteers do?
As a UN Volunteer, you will help advance peace and sustainable development either in your own country or in another country around the globe. You will help people to lead healthier and safer lives and communities to be able to better address present and future challenges.

UN Volunteer positions are wide ranging; you may work in human rights, climate change adaptation, primary health care, disaster management, peace building, youth engagement or many other areas. You may work directly in a United Nations agency or be assigned to one of its partner organizations, a university or the government.

In return, you will be rewarded with an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Your engagement as a UN Volunteer will be an opportunity to change the world for the better while simultaneously honing your own skills, gaining knowledge and a better understanding of the realities of international development and peace building.

How long is the assignment?
Because UN Volunteers are sponsored by United Nations agencies, their partners, governments or academic institutions, the length of assignment depends on the requesting entity’s needs. Most UN Volunteer assignments are between six and 24 months. On occasion, national and international UN Youth Volunteer assignments are less than six months and then are referred to as ‘short-term’ assignments.

When UN Volunteers are sponsored by an academic institution, they are called UN University Volunteers. UN University Volunteers undertake shorter duration assignments – generally between three and six months.


UN Volunteers receive a basic living allowance that allows the volunteer to live healthily and safely in the assigned area. If you volunteer outside of your home area, return airfare or land transport (as applicable) and some other basic costs are paid by the host agency. You will receive orientation and training before and after your assignment.

Who qualifies as a UN Volunteer?
The UN Volunteer programme is looking for motivated and talented youth between the ages of 18 and 55. (Note: you must be younger than 55 throughout the duration of your service). The educational background and experience required varies by assignment, but generally both graduates and non-graduates are eligible to apply.

How To Apply:

  • All UN Volunteer assignments to volunteer abroad application is only online.
  • Use the Application link provided on this website to start your application free of charge.
  • Start your application online here.

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  1. Hi
    I am enjoying helping people and offer
    Services to them in addition I am an activist
    And concerns about human rights .
    I really want to apply for these opportunities.

  2. Yes please and need this opportunity if you can help me ge it I can be very great full to work with u. Iam a Zambian aged 24 and has a diploma in education

  3. I can apply for the opportunity to serve community

  4. Sanya Stephen

    Thankz a lot for this information, am so interested in joining you. Am in Kampala Uganda and a University graduate with a diploma in Telecommunications engineering

  5. Hussein Juma Luhinda

    Hi! I am interested to join for saving people

  6. Enow Rita Tabi

    Please i am a Cameroonian. I have passion to work with the less previlage and to put a smile one the faces of those in need. I will be very grateful if I am given the opportunity to work with you.

  7. Patrick Nicholaus Mbuya

    I want to be a UN paid volunteer

  8. It’s my desire to work with UN.I love it.

  9. I’m aTanzanian , Transport/ logistics officer ilike to do volunteer jobs thank you in advance for this opportunity

  10. Adelaide maligo

    Am interested from Hwange zimbabwe

  11. Mohlakoana Lempe

    Hi! I’m very intereste,im from Lesotho

  12. I am Kenyan currently working with the national cohesion and Integration commission, an agency charged with the responsibility of promoting Peaceful co-existence amongst people of different tribal affiliation.. I would love to work with you, kindly help me get the link…

  13. I am belay seid.I live Ethiopia, working with the benfite of youth social, economic and political affairs.if I got this chance I will share my practical experiences.

  14. I’m a Zambian from kasama. I’m always partionate to serve those who are disadvantaged in one way or the other. I’m a university graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration with Demograph. I would love to work with you kindly help me with the link

  15. Interested

  16. So interestedi .I’m from Tanzania

  17. James njuguna mwariri

    Hi I want to be a volunteer mainly on peace n national cohesion in Kenya.

  18. Justine chuma yamboko

    hi am diploma graduate from Kenya, am interested

  19. Edward Mwansa Nkonka

    I can’t miss this opportunity to offer my services, to people who are in need of them. Kindly foward a link so that i can submit my application

    Thank you.

  20. Hi,I am a 25 year old female with a Bachelors of social.I am very much interested in becoming part of U.N.Your consideration for a position as a volunteer,will be highly appreciated.Jermimah from Zambia

  21. Mohammed nuur

    I like joined to hope members of un

  22. Meselech Tadesse

    I am interested

  23. I am degree holder from Ugandan. I would like to be part of the team thank

  24. Climate change and human health is my area if interest. How can I join to effect change?

  25. Sengwe Bridget

    Im at your service if you will have me.
    Thank you.

  26. Am interested in working with you.From Kenya I hold a diploma in business information technology.

  27. Niwamanya Enid

    This is so interesting.would like to serve my Ugandan Community.

  28. I wellcome the initiative with hands and i want to be part of volunteering team in an part of world.

  29. am happy to join you am from Nigeria and i will be happy to be part of the volunteering team

  30. Psychology is my field of study and I wish to be a part of the process to effect change

  31. sunjo justice

    hello. im very much interested to work with the UN. im a cameroonian.

  32. kipkoech rotich

    The world should be devoid o f calamities and should a safer placer to live in

  33. Liepollo Tlamane

    I am interested in working with the needy people lam from Lesotho

  34. Isabella Mphatso Gondwe

    I would love to be a UN volunteer…. Please sign me up.

  35. Ssenabulya Abbas

    Am Ugandan and would like to join the team

  36. Hi I’m interested. I’m willing and able to be in any part of the world as far as the volunteering is concert

  37. This is an opportunity that comes once in a life time I wll to be a un volunteer in my country cameroon

  38. i am at your service if you will have me i want to worck with you thanks

  39. Hannatu Yakubu

    Please, though it’s somehow late but I need to be in this field because of my passions of helping people. I will be glad to serve my world and affect peoples lives. I am a Nigerian

  40. Christmas Moses

    Am interested to work with you if you consider me and am from Uganda let me hope my request will be put under your parental consideration thanks

  41. Am a zambian, I love this job

  42. As a community mediator working as a volunteer in my community it has always be my greatest pleasure to extends my skill worldwide.

  43. Ramadhan Abdallah

    Am interest to work with you, am from Tanzania also i have Diploma in travel and Tourism

  44. gael Bertrand nzeusseu

    Hello I’m camerounian I need to work with you every here you solicit to me I’m sure that I’ll give all I know about

  45. Haritahirindraibe RASOLOHERIMAMINDRAINY

    I am I am from Madagascar. I am interested in volunteering and would like to join the team.
    Thank you in advance

  46. Jimmy Himbayi

    Thanks for the information.Am interested in serving humanity as a volunteer in any country am a graduate in electrical engineering.

  47. Lucky Philipo

    I very interested to be volunteer.from Tanzania

  48. Mugalu Richard


  49. I am Haba Jean from Guinea Conakry, I am very interested by your application. I hope my request will interest your understanding so that you can help me to be one of your wworkers.
    May Almighty God be on your site.

  50. I would like to be a UN volunteer

  51. it will be my great honour to work with united nations for better future world .Iam victor ouma from kenya my educational level is level four and am willing to work in any field suitable for me.

  52. Hi, I am very much interested in this job may this wish be for filled than you.

  53. though it’s late but I’m willing to work all over the world as long as voluntary service is concerned

  54. I would like to be considered in this ..since in kenya we need maximum peace. ..

  55. Wodulo Charles

    Am still a student I would love to volunteer and work with you if there is and opportunity hope to hear from you soon

  56. Purity Ntinyari Nkonge

    Am in Kenya. So interested to be part of UN

  57. Hey,thanks for this great opportunity, l wish to be part of the team ,am a graduate from Kenya bachelor of commerce it will be a great pleasure to work with you.looking forward for consideration. Your response is highly appreciated with regards,thanks in advance.

  58. Hey,thanks for this great opportunity, l wish to be part of the team ,am a graduate from Kenya bachelor of commerce it will be a great pleasure to work with you.looking forward for consideration. Your response is highly appreciated with regards,thanks in advance

  59. Mary Magdalena Buam

    I’m a Cameroonian with a master’s degree in international human rights and humanitarian law.
    I’m interested in the job offer.

  60. Daniel Seraphim

    I reside in Botswana and would like to be part of the team.

  61. Hello,am interested to be part of the UN volunteers in Kenya more so in improving the community health strategy since I come from a community where people greatly suffer and die to diarrhoeal diseases,thanks

  62. Phaides banda


  63. Hello, I am Ugandan and comes from the northern war ravaged area. I participated a lot in post war reconstruction in the area with many NGOs. I am interested to carry on in any part of the world where I will be assigned work to do. I am a diploma holder and grateful I will have opportunities to replicate the knowledge gained and as well get more experiences.

  64. Turyahabwe Christopher

    Am a male adult Ugandan aged 45 and would wish to serve as à UN paid volunteer.
    Am a professional adult educator and with advanced skills in human resource management

  65. Hi am really willing and able to work with you. Am from Kenya. Thank you

  66. Hamilton Macuácua

    Warm greetings. I’m interested in working with you. I’m from Mozambique. I have degree in Public Administration. I real love to help people, I’m also volunteer in Maputo. I would like to be UN volunteer to get more experience and also because I have personal objective, I intend to do master degree in development or related area. However this experience will be useful for me. Please, contact me.

  67. interested

  68. Taimi Kapenambili

    Hi from Namibia i also want this opportunity

  69. Hi, I am interested in to serve communities in the humanitarian section.

  70. Twimenji singini

    Hi. am lady aged 33 and have passion to work UN as a volunteer.have been a vonteer before in prevention of HIV/AIDS and vulnarable children. iam a child activist and willing to work with your organisation. iwas trained by UNFPA, CHAZ and USAID.Thank yuo and waiting for your response. From Zambia

  71. Samuel Pendalapala Shikolele

    I’m a Namibian, with a certificate in Office Management and Technology. I’m very much interested in UN activities. Impiring and motivate my fellow youth its my ideology.

  72. I am inspired by assisting people. I am taking part in Love and Care Volunteers team at Addis Ababa Ethiopia. I would use the opportunity to Work with UN as a privilege to gain more experience and also share mine to others as well.

  73. Willis O. Ogutu.

    Am interested. Very ready to start as soon as will be required. Am a mature Kenyan male person.

  74. Innocent Kanje

    Am a Tanzanian junior doctor wish to be part of UN in improving the status of health in our realities

  75. Hallo…am Alice Obonyo, a nutritionist (degree)
    aged 36 and willing to work anywhere around the World.

  76. Munyaradzi zindi

    am interested

  77. Juliet mutambo

    I am interested from Zambia.

  78. I am a Zambian lady aged 50. I am a banker with a sales and marketing background and feel I can contribute in any fitting area of the assignments that are being offered worldwide by the UN.
    I am currently available for any immediate appointment.

  79. I am extremely interested to volunteer even without getting something, i préfer to help vulnérables throuth My force and honing my knowledge and getting skills

  80. Buloze Munonge

    I’m from COD( République Démocratique du Congo) and I’m à Doctor sincères six years ago. I’m ready for a humanitarian mission.



  82. Alinaitwe Izidol

    A Ugandan, aged 28,with degree in Tourism lam very interest to be part of UN as avolunteer.lam well experienced.Hope my request wil be put under your consideration.

  83. interested on climate change part

  84. I love this job

  85. Interested Zambian aged 25..ready to work in any suitable position as I adapt easily

  86. I am a sociologist from Nigeria with interest to work with the UN

  87. I wish I work with UN as a volunteer in the department of disaster management,

  88. otsmane naceurdine

    l’m an algerien citezen , and l am very intrested for this job and ready for a humanitarian mission. SINCERLY YOURS.

  89. My name is Donarth Chatukwa
    A university graduate I need to be a volunteer please consider me with directions on how to apply

  90. Ready to work

  91. lam interested to work with UN, lam a Tanzanian male aged 34 years.

  92. I want to become un paid volunteer

  93. hi am interested as well.

  94. IHARIVELO MIrantsoa

    I am interested

  95. Volunteerism is an inborn element.I believe that those that are serving people in diverse components are really enjoying their spirit of dedication towards the suffering.I wish I were part of them soon.Keep doing the good work I love you all.

  96. I hold a honors degree in Business Administration and a diploma in Youth work. Am interested in working the youth as a volunteer.

  97. I am an Engineer and I am interested as well

  98. Jihad Zerhouni

    I am very interested in volunteer work





  100. gedion getahun

    I am Ethiopian volunteer interested to participate voluntary services in Ethiopia

    • gedion getahun

      I am Ethiopian volunteer interested to participate voluntary services in Ethiopia. I have masters degree in law (LLM) with four year service in public office

  101. am ready to serve my country

  102. Hi, am a 23yr old female from uganda with a bbachelor degree of industrial art and design. I am very interested in this opportunity inorder to offer my services to the people in need of it. Will be very grateful if am kindly considered.

  103. Can I have the link to the application form.
    Thank You.

  104. mechanic by profession can manage vehicle w/shops

  105. NwachuKwu, Chioma Blessing

    When one has a life of service, he becomes selfless. It will be pleasant to be part of the team that renders selfless service to the needy.

  106. Am a Zambian, and currently pursuing my first degree in Education at the University of Zambia. I would like to work with you given an opportunity, as it has always been my dream and desire to work with the United Nations, especially in departments that deal with human rights and education. Your consideration will be highly appreciated.

  107. I have always wanted to be part of those that help others in times of need,i think this is a great opportunity to be part of those that will be there to help.

  108. Neliso Shabangu

    I am interested.

  109. NDAYARINZE Jonas


  110. monde sitamulaho

    I am interested

  111. chemonges collin

    i am interested and willing to volunteer

  112. Blaise ITANGISHAKA

    I’m burundian,I have bac+3 in engineering
    And I’m concerned about human rights .
    I really want to apply for these opportunities.

  113. Nadab chikuku

    would like to apply but no link provided.im interested

  114. Evangelist Garmonde Ziah

    I am completely interested, iI am from Liberia.

  115. interested

  116. I’m really interested. I can give three years. How does one get the link to apply?

  117. Amongo joyce leah

    i love working with new people,i support the initiative

  118. In the first place, I am very keen to work as a volunteer as it is part of assisting for humanities in all aspects. Besides this, I am very happy to work in UN Voluntary program as it enhances and broadened my insights and experiences.

  119. Bakari Mussa Kadama

    I am interested to work with UNITED NATIONS in any department especially in department of education (teaching mathematics) .My desire is learn and to share the knowledge that I have with other people

  120. Cheelo Masamba

    change comes to those who embrace it, as a human i have understood that for one to succeed we all need one another as it is a beacon that has been used world over. for me to be where i am there was someone and am ready to help someone go to the next level in life.

  121. Interested please from Ghana

  122. Esmond Mensah

    Interested.A Ghanaian speaks and writes English and French.


  124. Interested.

  125. irupia lydia martha

    iwould like to apply for this great opputunity

  126. Good day

    Im a man aged 34 in Zimbabwe,Holder diploma forensic accounting(UK) ,diploma financial accounting and currently studies honours fiscal studies.I would like to join UN paid volunteerrs

  127. Interested to work with the community, i will be happy to give my experience to work with this organization.

  128. I want to be a paid volunteer ,am in uganda Kampala,am 26 years,I hold a diploma in IT but majoring in video communication and editing


  130. I want to be a UN paid volunteer

  131. Thomson Mpumulo

    Iam interested in volunteering work and with you

  132. Thomson Mpumulo


  133. I am ready to serve the world

  134. I am very much interested in this activity

  135. Phinias madubeko

    Hai am interested in the job but I have been trying to apply and the email could not go through. Am a male Zambian citizen with 32years

  136. Francis Jatta

    I am interested and am BSc-Biology holder from The Gambia

  137. would you tell me how can i apply to UN

  138. Interested

  139. soooo interested!!!

  140. hello, can i have the link for the application form, please. thank you.

  141. Hie, I am interested. Zimbabwe

  142. It interess me


    i would love to commit for a good cause.Please help me to partake i m so much interested


    I hold a masters degree in economics and will like to Apply. Iam in Ghana

  145. Tawanda Fikizolo

    i am interested in helping people from zimbabwe

  146. Tawanda Fikizolo

    i cannot miss this opportunity

  147. I’m a Master degree holder in Geomatics and cartography in Cameroon and my wish is using my expertise to serve as a volunteer that is going to impact lives worldwide

  148. I’m a Master degree holder in Geomatics and cartography in Cameroon and my wish is using my expertise to serve as a volunteer that is going to impact lives worldwide

  149. Ifeanyi Enenmoh

    I am Ifeanyi Enenmoh a Nigerian I am interested

  150. Ifeanyi Enenmoh

    I am a Nigerian I’m interested

  151. Abdul R Bangura

    I will be please if this opportunity is given to me to serve as a volunteer

  152. With great passion, desire and commitment, I would be glad if granted the opportunity to serve for humanity under your able umbrella. Kindly.

  153. Elizabeth zimba

    Hello am interested

  154. i am interested!

  155. Interested

  156. I am interested to become a UN-paid volunteer.

  157. Chrispin Chimbala Litana

    I am interested

  158. Charles cooper

    I am interested from Liberia

  159. Patrick Keli Musembi

    I am most interested



  161. Ndayishimiye Brinda

    hey ,I’m interested to join


    I am highly interested to work as a Volunteer, i had experience with AFRICAN NETWORK FOR THE PREVENTION AND PROTECTION AGAINST CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT/WEWE. which i working as a Super-Volunteer.

    i will be glad if giving the chance.

    thank you!

    • zine Mesbah from Algeria 46 years in the mid-career government administration 4 yaer obtained a baccalaureate +03years of university study in Business Administration Law or in management. OR Mba
      I want to continue to study for a master’s in public administration
      Or public policies
      Strategies and development I hope a guideline on how to get a scholarship or financial

  163. Muhorakeye Nadège

    I’m interested too

  164. I am interested in this volunteer job, I am a graduate in Humanities, HIV/AIDS Management.

  165. dan sammy owuor

    i am seriously intersted in this i have worked with diffrent communities in regards to the above mensioned field

  166. interested

  167. Thatoyaone Jessica Kabelo

    cant find the link but i am intrested

  168. Arafat Kachiwara

    I’m interested in paid voluntary work

  169. Am interested don’t leave me

  170. i am a ghanaian, 41yrs with a BSc in Public Administration and an MBA in Human Resource Management. i want to be a volunteer.

  171. I’m a Journalist in investigation holder in Tanzania and my wish is using my eperiece to serve the voice of voiceless community as a volunteer

  172. Hello, I’m Rogers and I have passion to work UN as a volunteer. I am a child activist and willing to work with your organisation. I am from Uganda.

  173. Peter J Loruba

    I’m from South Sudan, so much interested and will appreciate if i get this opportunity

  174. Am interested

  175. I am interested.

  176. Am interested,I have a degree in nursing

  177. I am intrested


    I am interested

  179. Am interested

  180. erasimus pastory

    Looking forward to saving people via UN Volunteerism

  181. nokuthaba hlabangana

    i wanna be part of this program.

  182. Luís Henrique Zaidam Tavares Vaz

    i am interested.

  183. Francisco ambani

    I’m much interested to be amongst this great team

  184. Abenezer Samuel

    I am interested

  185. i am interested

  186. Jean de Dieu KIZITO CIRHIGIRI

    I am interested. Economics and Finance background.

  187. I am interested

  188. I am interested to be part of this great team.

  189. Hello, everyone.
    I am from Mozambique and I would like to join the team.

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